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  Publications matching the query *Matricellular protein* and the corresponding human biomolecules involved in at least one interaction

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Found inPMIDTitleAuthorsDateNumber of Biomolecules
12137942Identification, genomic organization and mRNA expression of CRELD1, the founding member of a unique family of matricellular proteins.Rupp PA et al.20021Show list of biomolecules +1
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Secondary Hits

Found inPMIDTitleAuthorsDateNumber of Biomolecules
12695522CCN3 (NOV) is a novel angiogenic regulator of the CCN protein family.Lin CG et al.20035Show list of biomolecules +5
15611078Integrin-dependent functions of the angiogenic inducer NOV (CCN3): implication in wound healing.Lin CG et al.20052Show list of biomolecules +2
16774925The novel SPARC family member SMOC-2 potentiates angiogenic growth factor activity.Rocnik EF et al.20061Show list of biomolecules +1
17463287NOV (CCN3) functions as a regulator of human hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells.Gupta R et al.20071Show list of biomolecules +1
20004161Crystallographic insight into collagen recognition by discoidin domain receptor 2.Carafoli F et al.20091Show list of biomolecules +1
22011848Thrombospondin-4 polymorphism (A387P) predicts cardiovascular risk in postinfarction patients with high HDL cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels.Corsetti JP et al.20111Show list of biomolecules +1
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